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VereskLine Communications offers these services - in the home, on the road, or for your small business.
 Home Service

Home service is a pin less service that enables you to make international calls with the best quality of voice and the best rates, with no hidden charges. By using our home service you will no longer need to enter a PIN because our system can recognize you as receives your caller ID. You always can see your account information or manage it by logging into your account securely. The information such as payment history, call duration report (CDR), speed dial numbers, pin less access numbers, rates, your profile and payment information are available all the time. Unlike the calling cards you will use your last cents in your account when you recharge it. Most importantly you can have all the records of your calls in a single account or download them on your local computer. Buy now
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 Calling Card

You can buy one or more $5 calling cards and receive the generated PIN instantly in your inbox. This feature is the best choice for people who want to have a test drive our services and then decide to buy a home service. There is no hidden charge on calling cards, any expiration date and work with the same rates or quality of voice as our home services. We have some options available on our calling cards as following: redial the last number, return to main menu, pinā€less access, assign a speed dial.
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 Zivar Service

It is a virtual number, which can be forwarded to any landline or mobile number anywhere in the world to receive incoming calls worldwide. We can provide you a local number in any country in the world and forward the number to your cell phone or land line. It is based on monthly basis and gives you unlimited time of call. This feature is great for older people who are not willing to enter a bunch of numbers to connect you. They make a local call and you will receive the call from overseas.
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